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For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost
For the want of a shoe, the horse was lost
For the want of a horse, the rider was lost
For the want of a rider, the battle was lost
For the lost battle, the Nation was lost
All for the want of a horse shoe nail
Benjamin Franklin - 1758

Your laboratory testing is critical to the safety and reliability of the parts you deliver. In our aerospace industry, there are millions of parts, components and samples that require testing. Some are giant and require elaborate tests and equipment. Some are small, possibly the size of a horse shoe nail but each part, no matter it's size, is required in our complex interdependent industry. OMEGA RESEARCH is dedicated to providing the high quality, time critical testing services you demand. Our expert staff is well seasoned in the aircraft industry, and can provide the precision testing and fast support you need. Nail down your testing requirements with Omega. We're always here when you need us!

OMEGA RESEARCH is a consulting Engineering and Testing Laboratory specializing in hydrogen embrittlement. We serve the Metal Finishing and, Processing Industry with special emphasis towards Aircraft, Aerospace, and industrial plating processes.

Our firm draws on over 45 years Aircraft Industry experience. We employ degreed Registered Professional Engineers having years of experience in metal finishing and processing.

We are the largest hydrogen embrittlement testing laboratory in the World, with 72 testing machines on line to assist you.

OMEGA RESEARCH can provide you with engineering expertise in a number of areas:

-Notch tensile bar, sustained load embrittlement testing
-Plating, processing and finishing technical assistance
-Failure analysis
-Associated metal processing assistance such as heat
treatment, shot peening, material selection, and
manufacturing methods and procedures.
-Specification questions

OMEGA RESEARCH utilizes sustained load, "hanging weight" type testing machines. These are sometimes known as stress rupture or "creep" testing machines, and have been proven over time as extremely successful in determining the presence of hydrogen embrittlement in sample bars. Our testing machines are designed and constructed to rigid ASTM requirements, and consistently calibrate to better than 1% accuracy. Omega Research can also perform other types of Embrittlement Testing on ASTM F519, Type 1a1, 1a2, 1b, 1c, 1d, & 1e samples. We can, in unique circumstances, perform embrittlement testing on actual parts or components. Contact us for specific capabilities.

HYDROGEN EMBRITTLEMENT is a sinister type failure, occurring in moderate and high strength steels, and also in titanium alloys. This failure occurs at stress levels below the ultimate strength of the part. Hence the failure is almost always time delayed, usually after assembly and use of the component. Embrittlement failure in steels occurs by migration of hydrogen atoms to areas of high stress, i.e. notches, grooves, holes, or internal microstructural defects. At these areas hydrogen atoms accumulate, coalesce, and develop into micro-cracks usually resulting in rapid fracture after micro-crack development.

Hydrogen pick up can occur from pre-plate cleansing from acidic solutions and of course from the actual plating operation especially if it is an electrolytic process. Plating baths of acidic composition, some cyanide solutions, and factors affecting the current densities at the cathode can promote absorption of hydrogen into the plated parts.

A notch tensile bar is commonly used to determine susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement. The bars are produced from alloy steel, and heat treated to a high strength level. The addition of a precision notch in the bar forces the bar to behave in a very brittle fashion if hydrogen has been infiltrated into it.

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