Specialists in embrittlement testing

Our Story

OMEGA RESEARCH is a Testing Laboratory specializing in hydrogen embrittlement. We serve the Metal Finishing and Processing Industry with special emphasis towards Aircraft, Aerospace, and industrial plating processes. Our company was founded in 1984. To accommodate our growth, Omega has moved to multiple facilities, but has now landed in our final home in Decatur, Texas. With this growth has come an ever increasing knowledge and expertise in our tests, services, and processes. These tools are utilized and improved by our involvement in ASTM and AMS committees. These efforts allow us to stay current with industry requirements and protect the interests of our customers.



Meet the Team


Kyle Smith

4 years with Omega
President Davis Machine
Former SVP & Deputy CCO of SR Technics
ASTM (F07.04)

Operations Manager

Jeremy Riley

16 years with Omega
Industry Memberships:
ASTM (F07.04, B08)

LEAD Technician

Robert Mong

11 years with Omega

Engineering Technician

Clint Williams

5 years with Omega
Industry Memberships:

Lab Technician

Zach Oderberg

3 years with Omega

Lab Technician

Fox James

1 year with Omega


Stacey Barnett

11 months with Omega

Chief Engineer

Craig Willian, P.E.

38 years with Omega
Industry Memberships:
AMS (B Processes and Fluids)
ASTM (F07.04)
ASM International